PhD in Economics University of Rome, 1997

Research Interests

Gender Economics, Labor Economics, Microeconometrics, Economic Inequality and Poverty, Capability approach, Feminist Economics


Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Statistics Cognetti de Martiis, University of Torino

Frisch Center for Economic Research, Oslo

Selected Works

  • Andreassen, L. Di Tommaso M.L. (2018), “Estimating capabilities with random scale models. Women’s freedom of movement”Social Choice and Welfare, forthcoming.
  • Contini D., Di Tommaso M.L., Mendolia S. (2017), “The gender gap in mathematics achievement: Evidence from Italian data.” Economics of Education Review, 58, pp 32-42.
  • Della Giusta, M., Di Tommaso M.L., Jewell S. (2017), Men buying sex. Differences between urban and rural areas in the UK. Urban Studies, 54(3) pp713-729.