Laurea in Giurisprudenza, Università di Torino

Research Interests

Comparative Law and European Integration Processes, Legal Theory, Legal Anthropology, Law, Legal Cultures and the Making of Transnational Law, Law and Language, Law and Modernisation Processes, Law and Financial Regulation.


Full Professor of Comparative Law, Department of Law, University of Torino
Scuola di Studi Superiori Ferdinando Rossi dell’Università di Torino

Selected Works

  • Law, Language and Multilingualism in Europe: The Call for a New Legal Culture in Susan Sarcevic (ed.) Language and Culture in EU Law: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Ashgate: Farnham, 2015, 17-31.
  • Natural Law in the Story of Comparative Law: Considerations on its Continuing Relevance (2014) 8 Journal of Comparative Law 13-25.
  • Virtue and Utility: Fiduciary Law in Civil Law and Common Law Jurisdictions’ in A.S. Gold and P.M. Miller (eds.), Philosophical Foundations of Fiduciary Law, Oxford, 2014, p. 287-302.

Carlo Alberto Fellow

+39 011 670 5000