Laurea in Economics, University of Torino

Research Interests

Simulation models for economics


Professor of Economics, University of Torino, retired

Selected Works

  • N. Bellomo, D. A. Knopoff, and P. Terna (2020). Special issue “Kinetic theory and swarming tools to modeling complex systems-symmetry problems in the science of living systems”-editorial and research perspectives. Symmetry, 12(3),doi: 10.3390/sym12030456.
  • M. Mazzoli, M. Morini, and P. Terna (2019e). Rethinking Macroe-conomics with Endogenous Market Structure. Cambridge University Press.
  • G. Pescarmona, P. Terna, A. Acquadro, P. Pescarmona, G. Russo, E. Sulis, and S. Terna. An Agent-Based Model of COVID-19 Diffusion to Plan and Evaluate Intervention Policies, 2021. URL