PhD in Sociology, Universities of Bielefeld & Turin, 2003

Post-graduate Diploma in Social Science Data Analysis & Collection, University of Essex, 2001

Research Interests

Labour Force Participation and Fertility, Social and Gender Inequalities, Couples' Careers, Cohabitation, Event History Analysis, Multilevel and Diffusion Models.


Lecturer of Sociology, University of Turin

Selected Works

  • O’Reilly, J., J. MacInnes, T. Nazio and M. Roche (2009): “The United Kingdom: from flexible employment to vulnerable workers,” in Vosko, L., M. MacDonald ans I. Campbell (eds.), Gender and the Contours of Precarious Employment, NY, Routledge, pp.108-26.
  • Nazio, T. (2008), Cohabitation, Family and Society, London: Routledge.
  • Bernardi, F., and T. Nazio (2005), “Globalization and the transition to adulthood in Italy” in Blossfeld et al. (Eds.) Globalization, Uncertainty and Youth in Society, London: Routledge, pp. 347-72.

Carlo Alberto Fellow

+39 011 15630800