The Collegio’s team composed by Stefania Ravazzi, Davide Morisi and Diego Gambetta is partner of University of Siena in the development of the research project “EUComMeet – Developing Participatory Spaces using a Multi-stage, Multi-level, Multimode,Multi-lingual, Dynamic Deliberative approach (M4D2)” which has recently being funded by the European Commission.

The consortium includes: Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (ES),  Åbo Akademi University (FI), University of Warsaw (PL), Dublin City University (IR), Tour4EU (BE), University of Stuttgart (DE), Missions Publiques (FR), Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis (FR).

EUComMeet project aims at exploring under which conditions deliberation and representation can be an effective response to the challenges besetting liberal representative democracies. In order to do so, EUComMeet intends:

a) To experiment with ways of systematically embedding deliberative practices and institutions in the multilevel system of governance and representation of the European Union;

b) To explore under which conditions deliberation and participation can help (1) reduce polarisation, (2)strengthen European identity, (3) encourage inclusiveness and (4) citizens’ reflectivity, and (5) narrow the representative gap between policymakers and citizens.