Principal Investigators

Ainoa Aparicio Fenoll and Roberto Quaranta

Research Team

Ahinoa Aparicio Fenoll, Roberto Quaranta and Claudia Villosio


2019 - 2020


We analyze the labor market trajectories of individuals who benefited from an unconditional cash transfer (UCT) program (called AOS-Accoglienza Orientamento e Sostegno) financed by Ufficio Pio of the Compagnia di San Paolo, one of the largest bank foundations in Europe. The program targets poor households with children (ISEE below 7000 euros). The amount of the transferred income is 1,500 euro on average but varies greatly across individuals because it depends on household necessities. The cash transfer has a limited duration of one year.

The project will be based on INPS data through the VisitInps project “The impact of limited duration unconditional cash transfers on labor market outcomes”