LTI@UniTO sponsors independent research on Long-Term Investments conducted by Fellows selected on a yearly basis via a competitive call. Fellows are senior or junior scholars spending two months visiting LTI@UniTO at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino.

Ludwig CHINCARINI University of San Francisco School of Management Spring 2023 Crowding: short and long-term consequences of crowding and its association to liquidity
Frank DE JONG Tillburg University September-October 2022 Long-Horizon Labor Income Growth as a Priced Risk Factor in Asset Markets
Fabio MONETA University of Ottawa Fall 2022 Holding Horizon: A New Measure of Active Investment Management
Stanislava NIKOLOVA University of Nebraska Lincoln Fall 2021 and June 2022 Trading of Newly Issued Corporate Bonds
Peter TANKOV ENSAE, Paris March 2022 Environmental Impact of Long-Term Investments
Avi WOHL Tel Aviv University June and September 2022 Liquidity provision of long-term investment institutions to other investor types
Sohnke BARTRAM Warwick Business School 2019/2020 Inefficiencies in Global Capital Markets
Milo BIANCHI Toulouse School of Economics 2019/2020 Robo advising for long-term investors
Raffaele DELLA CROCE OECD 2019/2020 Engaging Institutional Investors in infrastructure financing
Anastasia KARTASHEVA University of St. Gallen 2019/2020 Structure and complexity of global insurer
Andrea BERARDI Universita' Ca' Foscari 2018/2019 Decomposing long-term yields
Stefano COLONNELLO Halle Institute For Economic Research 2018/2019 Bank heterogeneity in monitoring
Richard B. EVANS Darden Business School 2018/2019 Exchange-traded funds and their impact on proxy-voting
Maria FLORA CREST ENSAE Spring 2021 The long-term impact of flash crashes
Gianfranco GIANFRATE EDHEC Business School 2018/2019 Do Institutional Investors Affect Corporate Carbon Footprint? International Evidence
Mariana KHAPKO University of Toronto 2018/2019 Reconciling interest rate and equity term structures
Andrea MODENA University of Bonn Spring 2021 Bank Capital, Wealth Distribution, and the Risk-free Rate
Ugo PANIZZA IHIED Geneva Fall 2020/2021 Long-term Investing in Emerging Markets: The role of local currency bonds
Roberto RENO' University of Verona Spring 2021 The long-term impact of flash crashes
Armando RUNGI IMT Lucca 2018/2019 Determinants of short and long-term investment choices by banking and non-banking foundations
Francesco SANGIORGI Frankfurt School of Finance 2018/2019 Competition for informed trading and corporate short-termism
Claudio TEBALDI Bocconi University 2018/2019 Life-cycle investor protection and optimal regulation of long-term delegated investing
Michael YOUNG Darden Business School 2018/2019 Exchange-traded funds and their impact on proxy-voting
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