LTI@UniTO sponsors independent research on Long-Term Investments conducted by Fellows selected on a yearly basis via a competitive call. Fellows are senior or junior scholars spending two months visiting LTI@UniTO at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino.

Michela Altieri Luiss Guido Carli University January and October 2023 A.I. and the Horizon of Information of Long-Term Investors: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market
Ludwig CHINCARINI University of San Francisco School of Management June 2023 Crowding: short and long-term consequences of crowding and its association to liquidity
Frank DE JONG Tillburg University September-October 2022 Long-Horizon Labor Income Growth as a Priced Risk Factor in Asset Markets
Diego García University of Colorado Boulder Spring 2023 and Spring 2024 Long-term investors and the financing of energy production
Fabio MONETA University of Ottawa Fall 2022 Holding Horizon: A New Measure of Active Investment Management
Stanislava NIKOLOVA University of Nebraska Lincoln Fall 2021 and June 2022 Trading of Newly Issued Corporate Bonds
Andrea Roncoroni ESSEC Business School, Paris-Singapore April and October 2023 Operations Revenue Insurance
Peter TANKOV ENSAE, Paris March 2022 and March 2023 Environmental Impact of Long-Term Investments
Andrea Tarelli Catholic University of Milan Spring 2023 LTIs, sustainable finance and Green Financing; the role of LTIs in the transition toward a greener economy; greenwashing and challenges of implementing ESG strategies
Avi WOHL Tel Aviv University June 2022 and March 2023 Liquidity provision of long-term investment institutions to other investor types
Sohnke BARTRAM Warwick Business School 2019/2020 Inefficiencies in Global Capital Markets
Milo BIANCHI Toulouse School of Economics 2019/2020 Robo advising for long-term investors
Raffaele DELLA CROCE OECD 2019/2020 Engaging Institutional Investors in infrastructure financing
Anastasia KARTASHEVA University of St. Gallen 2019/2020 Structure and complexity of global insurer
Andrea BERARDI Universita' Ca' Foscari 2018/2019 Decomposing long-term yields
Stefano COLONNELLO Halle Institute For Economic Research 2018/2019 Bank heterogeneity in monitoring
Richard B. EVANS Darden Business School 2018/2019 Exchange-traded funds and their impact on proxy-voting
Maria FLORA CREST ENSAE Spring 2021 The long-term impact of flash crashes
Gianfranco GIANFRATE EDHEC Business School 2018/2019 Do Institutional Investors Affect Corporate Carbon Footprint? International Evidence
Mariana KHAPKO University of Toronto 2018/2019 Reconciling interest rate and equity term structures
Andrea MODENA University of Bonn Spring 2021 Bank Capital, Wealth Distribution, and the Risk-free Rate
Ugo PANIZZA IHIED Geneva Fall 2020/2021 Long-term Investing in Emerging Markets: The role of local currency bonds
Roberto RENO' University of Verona Spring 2021 The long-term impact of flash crashes
Armando RUNGI IMT Lucca 2018/2019 Determinants of short and long-term investment choices by banking and non-banking foundations
Francesco SANGIORGI Frankfurt School of Finance 2018/2019 Competition for informed trading and corporate short-termism
Claudio TEBALDI Bocconi University 2018/2019 Life-cycle investor protection and optimal regulation of long-term delegated investing
Michael YOUNG Darden Business School 2018/2019 Exchange-traded funds and their impact on proxy-voting
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