The Collegio is among the Italian institutions eligible to receive donations through the citizens’ income tax return (the so-called ‘5x1000’). This contribution represents an opportunity to strengthen the sustainability of our initiatives and programs.

Giving your 5x1000 yearly tax return in your tax declaration is a cost-free way to help the Collegio in fostering research and high education in the social sciences in accordance with the values and the best practices of the international scientific community.

To give your “5x1000” to the Collegio, you only need to put your signature and enter the Collegio tax id number (“Codice fiscale”) 94049090015 in the box FINANZIAMENTO DELLA RICERCA SCIENTIFICA E DELL'UNIVERSITA' in the section “Scelta per la destinazione del cinque per mille” of your tax declaration.

Thank you very much for your support!