Bruno Contini’s career featured in Princeton University podcast

In December 2023, Princeton University issued an episode of the podcast “The Work Goes On” showcasing the life and scientific career of Bruno Contini, Professor Emeritus of the University of Turin and Honorary Fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

In this podcast episode, Contini reflects on his childhood during fascism, his educational journey in the United States, and his expertise in Italian labor markets. The conversation covers his diverse experiences studying in the USA, and the influential figures like Franco Modigliani and Jack Muth who shaped his academic path. Contini also discusses his groundbreaking work in experimental economics published in the American Economic Review, his role in establishing the Work Histories Italian Panel (WHIP), and the creation of LABORatorio R. Revelli – the research network based at CCA that studies labor issues in Italy and the European Union.

The Work Goes On is a podcast produced as Princeton’s Industrial Relations Section celebrates its 100th anniversary and is an oral history of industrial relations and labor economics, hosted by Princeton’s Orley Ashenfelter. So far, the series featured 21 economists, including several Nobel Prize winners. We are proud to mention that Prof. Contini is the only Italian and among the few European guests.

This recognition by Princeton University is a tribute to the impact of one of our most accomplished scholars, who has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape at the University of Turin and CCA.

Listen to the podcast: