Lorenza Fontana is the new CCA Chair

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Faculty: Lorenza Fontana has joined us as CCA Chair in Politics and Society.

A former Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Fontana is currently Professor in Politics in the Inter-university Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning at the University/Polytechnic of Turin.

Her research has addressed questions around the ethnic politics of socio-environmental conflicts, the domestic politics of human rights of vulnerable groups (including indigenous peoples, domestic workers and working children), and, more recently, the contentious politics of wildfires. She has a long-term experience as academic and policy analyst and she recently started a new project on the Politics of Wildfires funded by the European Research Council.

Lorenza Fontana brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our community of scholars. She will undoubtedly contribute to our academic excellence, and we are excited about the future collaborations and achievements that will result from her presence at CCA.

Lorenza Fontana’s CCA profile
Lorenza Fontana’s personal web page