A crop of muscular politicians, generically branded populists have surged in the elections in different parts of the world. They challenge the rule of law, defy the separation of powers, attack the freedom of the press, oppose immigration with racist undertones, embrace antiscientific beliefs, and insult their opponents. Matters of voters’ concern once in their hands – they claim – have simple solutions. Why do so many diverse people vote for them? How worried should we be about their ascent? Are the 1930’s in Europe a period with which to compare our age? These are the pressing questions the three lectures will address.

21 October 2019

Adam Przeworski (New York University) 

Crises of Democracy: Past, Present and Future

11 December 2019

Stephen Holmes (New York University) 

How Democracies Perish and How They Can Resurrect

5 May 2020

Dani Rodrik (Harvard University) 

The Good Jobs Challenge