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9th OEET Workshop : Economic effects of climate change and energy transition on emerging countries

14 December 2023 - 15 December 2023



14 December 2023
15 December 2023
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9th OEET Workshop : Economic effects of climate change and energy transition on emerging countries

Organized by Turin Centre on Emerging Economies – OEET

The 9th OEET Workshop will be held in presence at Campus Luigi Einaudi (Lungo Dora Siena 100, Torino) or in hybrid form (partly in presence and partly on-line).

No preliminary registration is required but we appreciate if you send an email at oeet@carloalberto.org to communicate your participation, either in presence or online.

Call for papers

OEET invites abstract submissions for paper presentation on the workshop topic. The main focus of the 9th Workshop will be on the economic effects of climate change and energy transition on emerging economies.

The complex and multifaceted impact of climate change is becoming increasingly apparent. On one hand, it mainly scourges low-income countries due to its detrimental effects on the  environment, which in turn harm the agricultural sector, escalating the risk of food shortages and amplifying the likelihood of famines, and challenge livelihoods of vulnerable people. These dynamics are exacerbated by other contemporary challenges faced by developing countries, including wars, internal unrest, and rising prices of imported cereals. On the other hand, it incentivizes certain emerging countries to adopt energy transition policies that bolster their competitiveness or allow them to benefit from the surging demand for raw materials spurred by this energy shift. These industrial policies adopted by both developed and developing countries in turn impact and modify international markets. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcomed on issues dealing with (but not limited to):
• The impact of climate change on agricultural productivity and food security of emerging economies.
• The effects of climate change on national and international labour force mobility.
• Implications of climate change on the national developmental trajectories of emerging economies.
• Industrial policies adopted by emerging economies amidst the energy transition spurred by climate change.
• Effects of industrial policies adopted by industrialized countries on emerging and developing economies.
• The impact of climate change on commodities’ markets of the emerging economies.

Scholars interested in presenting a paper at the Workshop are invited to submit an abstract in English of up to 300 words by October 29, 2023 to: oeet@carloalberto.org.
When submitting a  proposal please indicate whether you would prefer to attend the workshop in person or online. Authors will be informed about the selection of their proposal by November 7.