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[Academic Events] Monday Lunch Seminar Christopher Flinn (NYU)

"Actors in the Child Development Process" Abstract: We construct and estimate a model of child development in which both the parents and children make investments in the child’s skill development. In each period of the development process, partially altruistic parents act as the Stack- elberg leader and the child the follower when setting her own…

[Academic Events] Monday Lunch Seminar Giovanna Nicodano (Collegio Carlo Alberto)

"Does Bankruptcy Risk Increase Value?" Abstract We show that bankruptcy exposure increases ex-post average firm value due to a survivorship bias. The reason is that bankruptcy cancels rms with the lowest realized cash ows from databases. Such bias gives rise to known pricing puzzles. It generates a discount on diversified companies when diversification helps their survival. Moreover, it…

[Academic Events] Monday Lunch Seminar Giovanni Mastrobuoni (Collegio Carlo Alberto)

"Open or Close the Door? Prison Conditions and Recidivism" Abstract The question of how prison conditions affect recidivism is very important. In designing a prison system, one would want to know the answer. We estimate the effect on recidivism of replacing time served in a common closed-cell prison with time served in an open-cell one, mimicking an experiment…

[Academic Events] Monday Lunch Seminar Bernardo Fanfani (University of Torino)

 "The effects of collective bargaining on employment and growth" Abstract This paper analyses the employment effects of the Italian sectoral wage bargaining system. The study is based on high-frequency, comprehensive and updated information on employment and wages derived from administrative data on private-sector social security contributions, matched with precise information on the economic content of…