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Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense Session

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 10.00 Pietro BuriTitle: "Prospect Theory and Game Theory"10.30 Emanuele FerroTitle: "The effects of Italian pension reforms: from a defined benefit (DB) to a defined contribution (NDC) system"

[Academic Events] Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 9.30: Ludovico De Fazio Title: The impact of immigration on the destination economy 10.00: Federico Boscaino Title: The international trade: effects on global growth and the case of developing countries SENIOR ALLIEVI 10.45:  Valerio Di Tommaso Title: Identifying the effects of monetary policy in a data-rich environment 11.30: Samuele Bertaina Title: Non-parametric Bayesian Functional…

[Academic Events] Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense Session

SENIOR ALLIEVI 10.15 Paolo Nova Jonica Title: Portfolio Allocation:the role of disaster risks on optimal choices. 11.00 Madeleine Duretete Title: "Particle Filters: Review and Application" 11.45 Ayoub Amil Title: "Predictive distributions associated to conditional Fleming-Viot processes" 14.00 Enrico Belliardo Title: A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Query Optimization 14.45 Alberto Cappello Title: The geometric stick-breaking process…

[Academic Events] Occasional Seminar Allievi Defenses

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 9.30: Damiano Campini Title: An Introduction to Copulæ and their financial applications 10.00: Luca Ghirardello Title: Subjective probability and expected utility in Savage's approach SENIOR ALLIEVI 10.30 Francesco Beraldi Title: Quantitative Easing spillovers on emerging economies: common traits and sources of heterogeneity 11.15 Paolo Colusso Title: A machine learning approach to parametric option pricing 15.00…

[Academic Events] Occasional Seminar Allievi Defenses

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 9.30: Emil Bandoni Title: The general equilibrium model from the origin to Arrow-Debreu SENIOR ALLIEVI 11.00 Filippo Ascolani Title: Sufficient conditions for nonparametric filtering in a class of hidden Markov models 11.45 Debora Sesia Title: bootstrapping lasso estimator

[Academic Events] Occasional Seminar Allievi Defenses

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 9.30: Federico Dutto Title: Galton Watson Branching Processes 10.00: Francesco Bilotta Title: Fixed point theorems and economic equilibrium 10.30: Lorenzo Notaro Title: Topological games SENIOR ALLIEVI 11.00 Cedomir Malgieri Title: A Melitz’s closed economy with permanent and temporary jobs

[Academic Events] Occasional Seminar Defense Session

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 10.30: Badr Hasnaoui Title: "Overconfidence and political beliefs" SENIOR ALLIEVI 11.00: Matteo Godio Title: A Statistical approach to privacy: Differential Privacy and Local Private Hypothesis Testing