Assistant Professors and Chairs 

Daniel Auer

Assistant Professor

Political Behavior, Attitudes, Inequality, Migration

Lorenza Fontana

Carlo Alberto Chair

International Politics, Socio-environmental Politics and Conflict, Human Rights

Diego Gambetta

Carlo Alberto Chair

Social and Political Theory

Kasia Nalewajko

Assistant Professor

Dynamics and memory of political violence, genocide, mixed-methods designs, computational tools

Aron Szekely

Assistant Professor

Signalling theory, Social dilemmas, Social norms, Experiments, Agent-based modelling

Fellows and Affiliates

Filippo Barbera

Carlo Alberto Fellow


Davide Barrera

Carlo Alberto Fellow

Cooperation, Group Processes, Social Networks

Giuliano Bobba

Carlo Alberto Fellow

Political communication; European public sphere

Camilla Borgna


Social Stratification, Sociology of Education

Tiziana Caponio

Carlo Alberto Fellow

Migration Studies

Renzo Carriero


Gender, family and social inequalities, Welfare attitudes, Comparative social research

Moreno Mancosu


Political Communication, Electoral Studies, Political Behavior, Quantitative Methods, Political Psychology

Manuela Naldini

Carlo Alberto Fellow

Family and social policy

Tiziana Nazio

Carlo Alberto Fellow

Sociology, Research Methods

Chiara Daniela Pronzato

Carlo Alberto Fellow

Family and Labour Economics

Cristina Solera


Gender studies, labour-market participation and fertility

Post-Doctoral Fellows

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Honorary Fellows

Chiara Saraceno

Honorary Fellow

Sociology, Social Policy