SPS Allievi will take the following courses over two years: Tutorials in Social and Political Sciences, Logical Reasoning for Sciences, Applied Statistics for Social and Political Sciences, Advanced Research Design, and Applied Economics. SPS Allievi will also write a dissertation under the supervision of a Faculty member of the Collegio Carlo Alberto.


First Year

Tutorial in SPS (30 hours)

Daniel Auer, Giuliano Bobba, Camilla Borgna, Tiziana Nazio, Aron Szekely

Applied Statistics for SPS (40 hours)

Daniel Auer, Arturo Bertero, Kasia Nalewajko, Aron Szekely, Fabio Torreggiani

Tutorial in Logical Reasoning for Sciences (20 hours)

Dino Gerardi and Daniele Pennesi

Second Year

Advanced Research Design (30 hours)

Daniel Auer, Giuliano Bobba, Camilla Borgna, Tiziana Nazio, Aron Szekely

Applied Economics (30 hours)

Ainoa Aparicio Fenoll



Call for Application

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