Nobel Prize in Economics 2023: Claudia Goldin

CCA congratulates Claudia Goldin, recipient of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Prof. Goldin is the Henry Lee Professor of Economics  at Harvard University, and is both a labor economist and a historian. One of the most distinctive and stimulating aspects of her work on the gender gap, which characterises many if not all of her studies, is the historical perspective. In her research, she has conducted a detailed analysis of women’s wages and participation in the labor market over the centuries.

The Nobel Prize was awarded to Claudia Goldin for her significant contributions to improving our understanding of women’s participation in the labor market and the obstacles that need to be overcome to support it. She is the third woman in history to receive a Nobel Prize in Economics, but the first to achieve this honor on her own.

We had the opportunity to meet Prof. Goldin at the first edition of the Festival Internazionale dell’Economia in Turin, where she presented her book “Career & Family” and shared her research on how generations of women have responded to the problem of balancing career and family.

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