Principal Investigator

Daniela Del Boca (Collegio Carlo Alberto)


EU H2020


October 2018 – September 2020


Department of Equal Opportunities of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers -  Lead Partner.

Collegio Carlo Alberto



The project’s aim is to raise women’s awareness on one of the root causes of gender pension gap and of potential ways to address it. It focuses on increasing female knowledge on the long term effects of  labor market participation gaps over the life cycle and on the importance of planning retirement all over the life cycle.

Awareness activities are designed, tested and carried on different cohorts of women so as to achieve a long-term impact of decisions made in different moments of the life-cycle.

CLEAR plans to evaluate with rigorous and scientific methods whether information and advice provided to women affect their knowledge, behavior and decisions. The partners will also analyze which type of information has the higher probability to be effective, in order to reduce the gender pension gap and old-age poverty risk for women.

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CLEAR Project Brochure


Literature review on the effects of pension information on individuals' economic outcomes


CLEAR POLICY BRIEF | Pension information and its effects on individuals’ economic outcomes