Executive Program in Long-Term Investing

In order to spread long-term investment values and competences among professionals, LTI@Unito organizes an executive education program.

  • Objective: discuss tools, methods and techniques of LTI.
  • Target audience: executive mid and senior staff of LTI.
  • Duration: 6 independent modules, one module per month, three days per module. Single modules can be attended too.
  • Starting date: October 11th, 2018.

A block provides participants with a common knowledge information about LTIs, their distinctive features and heterogeneous traits.

Two blocks analyze in depth the different types of LTIs, distinguishing between liability-driven LTIs and non-liability-driven LTIs.

Three more blocks of interest to professionals from all backgrounds: they explore portfolio construction, ALM and risk management, and focus on asset classes which typically match LTIs’ horizon and goals, i.e. alternative and private assets, ESG and impact investment.

Cost of the whole program: 8.000 euro + VAT

Cost per module: 1.500 euro + VAT