LTI@Unito organizes the Fifth Edition of the Executive Program on Long-Term Investing. It is an executive education program taught by an international faculty of top-level professionals and academics, to spread long-term investment values and competences among executives.

  • Objective: discuss tools, methods and techniques of long-term investing.
  • Target audience: executive mid and senior staff of Long-Term Investors (foundations, insurance companies, pension funds) and asset managers dealing with long-term investors.
  • Duration: 5 modules.

Starting date: September, 2023.

The first two modules are devoted to the analysis of different types of long-term investors, their asset-liability structure and their role in financial markets. In particular, the second module covers more in depth the insurance companies’ role as long-term investor providing the participants with technical tools regarding liability-driven asset allocation, ALM and risk management.

The three “Cross-investors” modules, targeted to professionals with all backgrounds, provide a focus on asset classes which typically match LTIs’ horizon and goals (alternative assets and private markets, ESG and impact investment) and explore the main innovative trends in the financial industry.

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Executive Program A.Y. 2023


Intervista Focus Risparmio, Cornelli (Northwestern University): "Investire nei private market: un’occasione di lungo termine"

Intervista Focus Risparmio, Grande (Bankitalia): "L’interesse per i mercati privati è destinato a continuare"

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