The International Festival of Economics is back!

From May 30 to June 2, 2024, the third edition of the International Festival of Economics will tackle knowledge ownership in the digital era by exploring, from different angles, the intricate relationship between technological progress and the dilemmas on how collected information is used.

Technological progress has fundamentally changed the way we live, from how we book a flight to the way we enjoy entertainment. Besides making our life “easier”, this transformation generates a vast amount of data, which leads to the question: who controls and exploits all of this information? The Festival, titled “Chi possiede la conoscenza” (Who owns knowledge?), is set to shed light on this pressing question.

International experts from a variety of fields will gather together in Turin to discuss the multifaceted economic, social, and ethical issues that our society faces in the search for a balance between the potential of technology and the necessity to regulate data access and protect privacy. With technology rapidly reshaping the way we work and live, it is imperative that these issues are tackled responsibly to ensure a better future for everyone. With over 4 days of talks, debates and lectures addressed to a non-expert audience, the Festival will offer guidance on how to effectively navigate the unfamiliar challenges presented by the digital age.

As in previous editions, CCA is strongly supporting the Festival, by coordinating the local promoting committee (Torino Local Committee) and hosting a large number of events.

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