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Adolfo Paolini (University of Buckingham)

20 October 2021 @ 14:00 - 15:30


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20 October 2021
14:00 - 15:30
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Based on the book ‘Fintech and The Law: a guide’ (with Oxford University Press, work in progress, publication date 2023)


Abstract. Society is facing unprecedented events and the past twenty years, in particular, have seen exponential growth in the way disruptive technology has significantly improved processes and services. Financial services are one of the most affected by these innovations, suffering a very substantial transformation in the way they operate and are regulated. Fintech has arrived and it is going to stay for as long as data is deemed as a ‘commodity’ and brilliant minds continue to develop algorithms and applications for the new technologically savvy customer.

The law has also reached a junction and now feels the excruciating need to evolve and adapt at a very high pace, more or less in line with technological advances. Lawyers need to be ready and acquire the fundamental knowledge to advise and defend clients’ rights and seek indemnities when those are unobserved.

Fintech and The law aims at giving readers the conceptual and basic knowledge required to grasp the elementary features underpinning Financial Technology so quick responses may shed some light to complex legal scenarios. The content of this book may also inspire further research and innovative ideas which arguably will improve our legal understanding and compliance with the law in general and financial regulation in particular.


Adolfo Paolini is professor in Corporate and Insurance Law and Dean of Law University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. Consultant in D&O Insurance and Dispute Resolution Clyde & Co LLP London.