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Allievi Program Defense Sessions October 2014

3 October 2014 @ 09:30


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3 October 2014
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9.30 am Paolo Baudissone
Title: Modeling autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity: an empirical application to exchange rates market

10.10 am De Andrea
Title: Income, Education and Health: mutual influences

10.50 Andrea Milesi
Title: Analysis of competitiveness of road-rail combined transport

11.30 am Luca Perdoni:
Title: Unitary and Non-Unitary Models of Household Decision-Making

12.10 pm Christian Rollo
Title: An analysis of the impact of public spending on education on GDP growth in OECD countries

2.00 pm Francesco Cosentino
Title: Bivariate Poisson processes and dependencies statistics recognition

2.40 pm Mattia Duma
Title: Compound Stochastic Process and the Insurance Ruin Problem

3.20 pm Lorenzo Masoero
Title: Econometrics of the Big Data: the phenomenon and the new methods

4.00 pm Ambra Seck
Title: Matching and Development: the O-ring model and persistent poverty

4.40 pm Andrea Stragiotti
Title: Portfolio Optimization