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Karoly Takacs (Corvinus, University of Budapest)

18 December 2017 @ 14:15


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18 December 2017
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“Dynamics of Multiplex Networks in Schools”


Previous research has looked at the dynamics of social networks mainly in the context of friendship relations. In this seminar, the benefits of studying social network dynamics in multiplex dimensions are illustrated using social network panel data from Hungarian schools. By taking into account positive as well as negative relations between pupils in the classroom, we demonstrate how social relations evolve towards structural balance. Status attributions modify balance-related processes, but direct status attributions themselves are not necessarily in line with the perception of who is considered as having high or low status in the group. We show that the discrepancy between direct and indirect status attributions (valued perceptions about peers vs. perceptions about the status of peers) is largely responsible for the evolution of negative sentiments towards peers. As another illustration of the complexity of social network dynamics, we demonstrate the importance of desk-mate relations in friendship formation and academic outcomes.