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Monica Ferrin (Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Zurich)

15 October 2015 @ 14:00


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15 October 2015
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“Strengthening limits to mobility? The Economic crisis and EU citizens’ mobility”



This paper is an attempt to study intra-EU mobility in a context of economic crisis, taking into consideration two opposite forces, i.e.: one which strongly favours it from the European level (and the economic crisis); and another one which tends to be advocate for a higher control and restriction of internal EU mobility (member states’ national politics). The paper first starts by providing a descriptive analysis of the changes in mobility in the EU after the economic crisis, in order to understand whether intra-EU mobility was indeed influenced by the economic crisis. Second, it attempts to investigate which of these two discourses – the European vs. the national – has a stronger influence on EU citizens’ lives while they move across Europe. Are European citizens who live in another EU country treated the same as the nationals of this country – as advocated by the European Union – or do they feel themselves as being discriminated in their new country of residence – in line with some national discourses?