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Job Market Seminars Mario Quaranta (European University Institute, Florence)

"Citizens’ political behaviour and attitudes in changing contexts" Aula lignea Abstract Research has often underlined the importance of studying political behaviour and attitudes to capture the extent to which democracies are responsive to citizens’ preferences and needs, and thus the legitimacy of democratic regimes. Within this field, scholars have pointed at the role of contexts…

Job Market Seminars Steven Van Hauwaert (University of Mainz)

"Public opinion and the macro-polity: Italy in a comparative perspective" Aula lignea Abstract The politics and economics of public opinion are a major and expanding field of research and teaching in the social sciences. Yet, while public opinion and collective political behaviour have become an established research area in the USA, systematic work on other…

Job Market Seminars Davide Morisi (University of Vienna)

"Choosing the risky option: information and risk propensity in referendum campaigns" Aula lignea Abstract Direct democracy has enjoyed increased popularity worldwide. Despite the complexity of most of the issues subject to a direct-democratic vote, in referendum campaigns voters generally face a simple choice between an uncertain Yes for a change and a safer No for…

Job Market Seminars Sarah Carol (University of Cologne)

"Ethnic and Religious Discrimination in the Wedding Venue Business: Evidence from Two Field Experiments in Germany and Austria"  Aula lignea Abstract Various studies have investigated the discrimination of ethnic minorities on the labour and rental market, in the education system as well as in public administrations. While many of these studies found support for discrimination,…