Working Papers

Carlo Alberto Notebooks, ISSN 2279-9362

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Elisa Luciano and Wim Schoutens

A Multivariate Jump-Driven Financial Asset Model

No. 29 October 2006
Peter Bossaerts, Paolo Ghirardato, Serena Guarnaschelli and William R. Zame

Ambiguity in Asset Markets: Theory and Experiment

No. 27 September 2006
(Revised, March 2009. Previous title: "Ambiguity and Asset Prices: An Experimental Perspective")
Wioletta Dziuda and Giovanni Mastrobuoni

The Euro Changeover and its Effects on Price Transparency and Inflation

No. 26 September 2006
Matteo Triossi

Application Costs in Sequential Admission Mechanisms

No. 23 September 2006
Antonio Romero-Medina and Matteo Triossi

Ramón y Cajal: Mediation and Meritocracy

No. 22 September 2006
Daniela Del Boca and Robert M. Sauer

Life Cycle Employment and Fertility Across Institutional Environments

No. 20 September 2006
Larry G. Epstein and Massimo Marinacci

Mutual Absolute Continuity of Multiple Priors

No. 19 September 2006
John Londregan and Andrea Vindigni

Voting as a Credible Threat

No. 18 August 2006
Peter Klibanoff, Massimo Marinacci, Sujoy Mukerji

Recursive Smooth Ambiguity Preferences

No. 17 August 2006
(Revised, August 2008)
Andrea M. Buffa and Giovanna Nicodano

Should Insider Trading be Prohibited When Share Repurchases are Allowed?

No. 16 July 2006
Luigi Montrucchio and Marco Scarsini

Large Newsvendor Games

No. 15 June 2006
Daniela Del Boca and Christopher J. Flinn

Modes of Spousal Interaction and the Labor Market Environment

No. 14 June 2006
Massimiliano Amarante, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Luigi Montrucchio

Cores of Non-Atomic Market Games

No. 13 June 2006
Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Aldo Rustichini

Ambiguitiy Aversion, Robustness, and the Variational Representation of Preferences

No. 12 June 2006