ANGLE video learning tools

This is the third output of the ANGLE Project.

Paris Dauphine has been coordinating the IO3 section of the ANGLE project, with a central contribution on the active production of video tools. Related to the booklets and the game. Skills Together has been working jointly and in parallel with Paris Dauphine on an online learning tool prototype.

One of our main realizations for the IO3 is to propose an innovative “translation” in a video format of some of the materials produced within IO1 and IO2, thus providing additional learning tools for students. Part of the booklets’ contents, the quizzes and the educational modules prepared for the table game feed the ANGLE’s online Learning Tools.

Our online teaching tool has two main ingredients. Firstly, an initial series of teaching videos based on the booklets. These are short videos on specific points to keep the attention of an uninformed audience who is new to financial issues and has no prior knowledge.

The aim of our work is not only to propose educational videos for young people, but also to suggest a new way of using the material, which is to teach young people by involving them and keeping their attention focused. The idea is to work collaboratively with the students so that they can learn by playing an active role and by participating in the transmission of knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom to reach a young audience that does not necessarily go to university.

The second product offered for our online version is a quiz that uses the questions asked in the game, and that allows you to test your knowledge and learn at your own pace. Each question is associated with an answer written in a pedagogical way to help students understand their mistake and to progress. The questions may relate to financial concepts, numerical skills, or a good knowledge of basic economic and financial facts. The questions are directly related to the content of the booklets. In July 2023 St-Skills Together launched a first pilot contest on Kahoot selecting 30 questions form the basic and intermediate levels.