ANGLE financial education booklet series: "Be in charge of your life cycle"

The main goal of ANGLE is to promote and increase financial literacy among young people. The starting point is the 'life course principle', which encourages young people to think about the consequences that financial choices can have for their future. 

This set of booklets, finalised in March 2022, is the first output of the ANGLE project. In line with the life cycle approach of the project, they present four crucial decision points: whether to keep studying or enter the labour market; to buy or rent a house; to consume or save; to save for retirement. The booklets attempt to shed light on the fundamental economic concepts involved in these decisions.

Although the five booklets are connected and refer to each other, each of them can be read independently of the others.

The first booklet in the series provides a general introduction on the concepts needed to make financial decisions over the life cycle.

The other four booklets cover the most important economic decisions relevant at various stages of the life cycle:

Booklet 2 is about educational choices, such as the decision when to leave school and enter the labour market or how much effort to invest in studying.

Booklet 3 deals with the economics of saving and borrowing and what to do with money that is saved.

Booklet 4 discusses many aspects of what is often one of the most important financial decisions in people’s lives: the purchase and financing of their own house.

Booklet 5 is about pensions and financial security after retirement.

The booklets have been translated into the partners' languages: Italian, Dutch, French, Finnish, Polish.

The documents are work in progress and may be updated during the project development. Feedback is welcome! (Please e-mail Marco Disarò