ANGLE financial education GAME

ANGLE is a board game designed to allow players to face situations that replicate real life-cycle experiences. The basic methodology followed throughout the creation of the game was co-design. Hundreds of students have already played the game, helping throughout the whole process of design, testing, and improving the game.

You start drawing a “Role card” and receive a different initial endowment of Money, Knowledge and Experience, reflecting the variety of possible family backgrounds. You can earn points by taking crucial choices at Checkpoints and answering quizzes that will test your knowledge of financial and economic concepts.

Questions are divided for difficulty level (basic and Intermediate): so don’t worry, there are quizzes for everyone! As in most games, luck plays its part.

Sometimes choices are influenced by the dice, while chance cards can either boost the score or have a negative impact on it. The game ends when players reach retirement. Each character has three different endings according to the final score achieved.

What will be the ending of your story? 

The game kit is available for free download. Please mention the project name and the website when using it.

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We invite high schools and other education institutions to contact our Associazione Allievi: to explore the possibility of a game test with their students.

Watch the game trailer.