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Carlo Alberto Notebooks, ISSN 2279-9362

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Pierluigi Conzo, Roberto Zotti

Blessed are the first: The long-term effect of birth order on trust

No. 554 May 2018
Alessandro Milazzo and Elena Vigna

The Italian Pension Gap: a Stochastic Optimal Control Approach

No. 553 May 2018
Federico Camerlenghi, Antonio Lijoi and Igor Prunster

Bayesian nonparametric inference beyond the Gibbs-type framework

No. 552 March 2018
Jordi Blanes i Vidal and Giovanni Mastrobuoni

Police Patrols and Crime

No. 551 March 2018
Moreno Mancosu, Teresa M. Cappiali and Monica Ferrin Pereira

The (non)-persistence of changes in attitudes toward immigrants after terrorist attacks: The case of the Manchester bombing

No. 549 May 2018
Clemente De Rosa, Elisa Luciano and Luca Regis

Geographical diversification in annuity portfolios

No. 546 December 2017
Federico Camerlenghi, David B. Dunson, Antonio Lijoi, Igor Prunster and Abel Rodriguez

Latent nested nonparametric priors

No. 542 December 2017
Federico Camerlenghi, Emanuele Dolera and Stefano Favaro

Good-Toulmin type estimators for the number of unseen species

No. 536 December 2017
José A. Cañizo, Amit Einav and Bertrand Lods

Uniform Moment Propagation for the Becker-Döring Equation

No. 522 December 2017
Gianluca Orsatti, François Perruchas, Davide Consoli and Francesco Quatraro

Public procurement, local labor markets and green technological change: Evidence from US Commuting Zones

No. 521 December 2017
Luigi Malagò, Luigi Montrucchio and Giovanni Pistone

Wasserstein Riemannian Geometry of Positive-definite Matrices

No. 520 December 2017
Bruno Contini and Roberto Quaranta

Is Long-Term-Non-Employment a Lifetime Disease?

No. 519 December 2017
Federico Camerlenghi, Antonio Lijoi, Peter Orbanz and Igor Pruenster

Distribution theory for hierarchical processes

No. 517 December 2017
S. Cerreia-Vioglio, F. Maccheroni, M. Marinacci, and L. Montrucchio

Commutativity, Comonotonicity, and Choquet Integration of Self-adjoint Operators

No. 516 December 2017
Pierluigi Conzo and Francesco Salustri

A war is forever: The long-run effects of early exposure to World War II on trust

No. 515 December 2017


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