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Carlo Alberto Notebooks, ISSN 2279-9362

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Marit Hinnosaar, Toomas Hinnosaar, Michael Kummer and Olga Slivko

Externalities in Knowledge Production: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

No. 582 March 2019
Guillaume Kon Kam King, Antonio Canale, Matteo Ruggiero

Bayesian functional forecasting with locally-autoregressive dependent processes

No. 581 December 2018
Giovanni Mastrobuoni and Daniele Terlizzese

Leave the Door Open? Prison Conditions and Recidivism

No. 580 December 2018
Vikram Maheshri and Giovanni Mastrobuoni

Do Security Measures Displace Crime? Theory and Evidence from Italian Bank Robberies

No. 579 December 2018
Giovanni Mastrobuoni and David A. Rivers

Optimizing Criminal Behaviour and the Disutility of Prison

No. 578 December 2018
Fabio C. Bagliano, Carolina Fugazza, Giovanna Nicodano

Life-Cycle Portfolios, Unemployment and Human Capital Loss

No. 577 December 2018
Fabio C. Bagliano, Raffaele Corvino, Carolina Fugazza and Giovanna Nicodano

Hedging Labor Income Risk over the Life-Cycle

No. 576 December 2018
Daniela Del Boca, Christopher Flinn, Ewout Verriest and Matthew Wiswall

Actors in the Child Development Process

No. 575 December 2018
Tommaso Denti, Massimo Marinacci and Luigi Montrucchio

Rational Inattention and Rate Distortion Theory: A Teaching Note

No. 574 December 2018
Paolo Ghirardato, Daniele Pennesi

A general theory of subjective mixtures

No. 573 December 2018
(Revised, March 2020)
Arnstein Aassve, Pierluigi Conzo, Francesco Mattioli

Was Banfield right? New insights from a nationwide laboratory experiment

No. 571 December 2018
Davide Bellucci, Giulia Fuochi, Pierluigi Conzo

Ain’t got no, I got life: Childhood exposure to WW2 and financial risk taking in adult life

No. 570 December 2018
Bruno Contini, Roberto Quaranta

Is Long-Term Non-employment a Lifetime Disease?

No. 569 December 2018
Alessandro Manello, Maurizio Cisi, Francesco Devicienti, Davide Vannoni

Networking: a business for women

No. 568 December 2018
Raffaele Argiento and Matteo Ruggiero

Computational challenges and temporal dependence in Bayesian nonparametric models

No. 567 December 2018
Julyan Arbel, Pierpaolo De Blasi, Igor Prunster

Stochastic approximations to the Pitman-Yor process

No. 566 December 2018
Juan S. Morales

Legislating during war: Conflict and politics in Colombia

No. 565 December 2018


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