Working Papers

Carlo Alberto Notebooks, ISSN 2279-9362

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Elena Claudia Meroni, Daniela Piazzalunga and Chiara Pronzato

The allocation of after-school time and child socio-emotional skills

No. 642 February 2021
Pierluigi Conzo, Andrea Gallice, Juan S. Morales, Margaret Samahita and Laura K. Taylor

Can ❤s Change Minds? Social Media Endorsements and Policy Preferences

No. 641 February 2021
Pierpaolo De Blasi, Ramsés H. Mena and Igor Prünster

Asymptotic behavior of the number of distinct values in a sample from the geometric stick-breaking process

No. 640 February 2021
Chiara Pronzato, Arnstein Aassve, Francesca Luppi and Steve Pudney

Life circumstances and the well-being of older people in different contexts

No. 639 December 2020
Matteo Morini and Pietro Terna

A note on reinforcement learning to develop self-defined agents’ behavior

No. 638 December 2020
Claudio Deiana, Vikram Maheshri and Giovanni Mastrobuoni

Migrants at Sea: Unintended Consequences of Search and Rescue Operations

No. 636 December 2020
Elena Grinza, Francesco Devicienti, Mariacristina Rossi and Davide Vannoni

How Entry into Parenthood Shapes Gender Role Attitudes: New Evidence from Longitudinal UK Data

No. 635 December 2020
Antonio Lijoi, Igor Pruenster and Giovanni Rebaudo

Flexible clustering via hidden hierarchical Dirichlet priors

No. 634 December 2020
Antonio Lijoi, Igor Prünster and Tommaso Rigon

Sampling hierarchies of discrete random structures

No. 633 December 2020
Marta Catalano, Antonio Lijoi and Igor Prünster

Approximation of Bayesian models for time-to-event data

No. 632 December 2020
Maria Koumenta, Mario Pagliero and Davud Rostam-Afschar

Occupational Licensing and the Gender Wage Gap

No. 631 December 2020
Dino Gerardi, Edoardo Grillo and Ignacio Monzón

The Perils of Friendly Oversight

No. 630 December 2020
(Revised, May 2021)
Massimiliano Coda Zabetta and Aldo Geuna

Italian Doctorate Holders and Academic Career. Progression in the Period 1986-2015

No. 629 December 2020
Daniela Del Boca, Chiara Pronzato and Lucia Schiavon

How Parents’ skills affect their time-use with children? Evidence from an RCT experiment in Italy

No. 628 December 2020
Matthijs Breugem, Roberto Marfè and Francesca Zucchi

Corporate Policies and the Term Structure of Risk

No. 627 December 2020
Matthijs Breugem, Stefano Colonnello, Roberto Marfè and Francesca Zucchi

Dynamic Equity Slope

No. 626 December 2020
Manuela Naldini, Myra Hamilton and Elisabeth Adamson

The Social Investment Paradigm and Migrant Families. The Australian and Italian case compared

No. 625 December 2020