Carlo Alberto Notebooks, ISSN 2279-9362

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Adam Brandenburger, Paolo Ghirardato, Daniele Pennesi and Lorenzo Stanca

Event Valence and Subjective Probability

No. 717 April 2024 CCA Notebooks
Stefano Colonnello, Roberto Marfè and Qizhou Xiong

Housing Yields

No. 716 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Roberto Marfè and Julien Penasse

Measuring Macroeconomic Tail Risk

No. 715 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Matthijs Breugem, Raffaele Corvino, Roberto Marfè and Lorenzo Schonleber

Pandemic Tail Risk

No. 714 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Matthijs Breugem, Stefano Colonnello, Roberto Marfe and Francesca Zucchi

Dynamic Equity Slope

No. 713 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Dino Gerardi, Lucas Maestri and Ignacio Monzon

Delegation with Endogenous States

No. 711 December 2023 CCA Notebooks
Ainoa Aparicio Fenoll, Nadia Campaniello and Ignacio Monzon

Parental Love Is Not Blind: Identifying Selection into Early School Start

No. 704 December 2023 CCA Notebooks
Dalit Contini, Marina Della Giusta, Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Daniela Piazzalunga

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Learning Loss and Educational Inequalities in Italy

No. 703 December 2023 CCA Notebooks
Michela Boldrini, Pierluigi Conzo, Willem Sas and Roberto Zotti

When scapegoating backfires: The pitfalls of blaming migrants for a crisis

No. 700 December 2023 CCA Notebooks
Henrique Ferreira Morici and Elena Vigna

Optimal additional voluntary contribution in DC pension schemes to manage inadequacy risk

No. 699 September 2023 CCA Notebooks
Daniela Del Boca, Christopher Flinn, Ewout Verriest and Matthew Wiswall

Parenting with Patience: Parental Incentives and Child Development

No. 698 September 2023 CCA Notebooks
Flavia Coda Moscarola, Daniela Del Boca and Giovanna Paladino

Parents’ Preferences, Parenting Styles and Children’s Outcomes

No. 697 July 2023 CCA Notebooks
Marta Catalano, Antonio Lijoi, Igor Prunster and Tommaso Rigon

Bayesian modeling via discrete nonparametric priors

No. 696 July 2023 CCA Notebooks
Massimo Marinacci, Giulio Principi and Lorenzo Stanca

Recursive Preferences and Ambiguity Attitudes

No. 695 July 2023 CCA Notebooks
Mario Ghossoub, Giulio Principi and Lorenzo Stanca

A Nonlinear Sandwich Theorem

No. 694 July 2023 CCA Notebooks
Giovanna Nicodano and Luca Regis

Leverage and Interest Rates

No. 692 February 2023 CCA Notebooks
Dalit Contini, Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Caterina Muratori, Daniela Piazzalunga and Lucia Schiavon

A lost generation? Impact of COVID-19 on high school students’ achievements

No. 691 February 2023 CCA Notebooks
Lorenzo Stanca

Robust Bayesian Choice

No. 690 February 2023 CCA Notebooks
Stefania Basiglio, Daniela Del Boca and Chiara Daniela Pronzato

The Impact of the “Coding Girls” Program on High School Students’ Educational Choices

No. 689 February 2023 CCA Notebooks



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