Resident Faculty

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Julyan Arbel

    Julyan Arbel

    Post-doctoral Fellow (ERC project)

    Bayesian Nonparametric Statistics

  • Giulia Dotti Sani

    Giulia Dotti Sani

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    sociology of the family, households and the division of labor

  • Angela Garcia Calvo

    Angela Garcia Calvo

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Political Economy, Business and Public Policy

  • Josef Hien

    Josef Hien

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Welfare State, Politics of Ideas, Religion and Politics

  • Juana Lamote de Grignon Perez

    Juana Lamote de Grignon Perez

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Causes and consequences of subjective well being

  • Francesca Luppi

    Francesca Luppi

    Post-doctoral Fellow (SWELL-FER ERC project)

    Family dynamics & Subjective Wellbeing

  • Roberto Marfè

    Roberto Marfè

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Financial Economics and Asset Pricing

  • Sarah Grace See

    Sarah Grace See

    Post-doctoral Fellow (FP7 project)

    Education, Labour, Demographic Economics

  • Nicole Scicluna

    Nicole Scicluna

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    European integration, EU constitutionalism

  • Tugba Zeydanli

    Tugba Zeydanli

    Post-doctoral Fellow (SWELL-FER ERC project)

    Applied Microeconometrics, Happiness Economics and Labor Economics



Honorary Fellows