Assistant Professors and Chairs

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Teresa Cappiali

    Teresa Cappiali

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Politics of Migration, Racial and Ethnic Politics, Immigrants' Political Participation and Civic Engagement

  • Giulia Dotti Sani

    Giulia Dotti Sani

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    sociology of the family, households and the division of labor

  • Mónica Ferrín Pereira

    Mónica Ferrín Pereira

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Public Opinion, Democracy, Political Behaviour, Political Knowledge

  • Matteo Luppi

    Matteo Luppi

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Comparative studies of welfare states, poverty, social inequality

  • Sarah Grace See

    Sarah Grace See

    Post-doctoral Fellow (FP7 project)

    Education, Labour, Demographic Economics

  • Moreno Mancosu

    Moreno Mancosu

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Political sociology, diffusion of innovations, quantitative methods



Honorary Fellows